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Plainfield Enterprise Obituary Database 1893-present

Allen, Roscoe C.

First Name: Roscoe Middle Name: C. Last Name: Allen Date of Death: 06/6/1905 Date Published: 10/31/1984 Source: ENT Volume: 1984 Section: 1 Page: 27

Notes: Spouse: Carrie deceased. Children: Step daughter: Betty Gaylord, step son: Thomas Davidson. Interment: Plainfield Cemetery. DOB: 1891.

Allen, Russell E.

First Name: Russell Middle Name: E. Last Name: Allen Date of Death: 05/28/1991 Date Published: 06/5/1991 Source: ENT Volume: 1991 Section: 1 Page: 42

Notes: Spouse: Elizabeth deceased. Parents: Jeremiah & Lula Allen deceased. Children: Timothy, Jolene (Mrs. Robert Walsh), Leah (Mrs. David Glasgow), Irene (Mrs. Kenneth Hicks) & Jennifer (Mrs. Brett Derouin). Siblings: Hiram, Vera Hammond, Helen Moran & deceased Hazel Haas, James & Leslie. Interment: Woodlawn Cemetery. DOB: 11/20/1926.

Allen, Russell William

First Name: Russell Last Name: Allen Place of Death: St. Lukes' Medical Center Date of Death: 10/29/1997 Date Published: 11/5/1997 Source: ENT Volume: 1997 Section: 1

Notes: Parents: Timothy & Cynthia Interment: Woodlawn Memorial Park DOB:

Allton, Guy Blake

First Name: Guy Last Name: Allton Place of Death: Northwest Memorial Medical Center, Chicago. Date of Death: 11/23/2004 Date Published: 12/1/2004 Source: ENT Volume: 2004 Section: 1 Page: 30

Notes: Parents: K.Max and Louella Allton. Children: Kailee Reice Allton, Skylar Christine Allton. Siblings: Lisa Hintzsche, Michelle Wittenborn. Interment: Paradise Cemetery, Steeleville. DOB: 2/16/1974.

Alstott, Ada A.

First Name: Ada Middle Name: A. Last Name: Alstott Maiden Name: Lynn Place of Death: St.Joseph Medical Center Date of Death: 05/17/1992 Date Published: 06/24/1992 Source: ENT Volume: 1992 Section: 1 Page: 26

Notes: Spouse: Archie L. Alstott (deceased). Parents: Logan and Mary Lee Lynn (both deceased). Chrildren: William, James, David, Mary Rolando, Elizbeth LunsFord, Ada Kujawski. Siblings: Roscoe Atwood, William Curtis Lynn (both deceased). Interment: Woodlawn Memorial Park. Date of birth: age 71

Alstott, Ada Alene

First Name: Ada Last Name: Alstott Place of Death: St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL Date of Death: 06/17/1992 Date Published: 06/24/2020 Source: ENT Volume: 1992 Section: 1 Page: 26

Notes: Spouse: Archie L. (deceased). Parents: Logan and Mary Lee Lynn (both deceased). Children: William L., James C., David L., Mary Rolando, Elizabeth Lunsford, Ada Kujawski. Siblings: Roscoe Atwood (deceased), William Curtis Lynn (Deceased). Interment: Woodlawn Memorial Park DOB: Age 71

Alstott, Archie L.

First Name: Archie Middle Name: L. Last Name: Alstott Date of Death: 01/13/1974 Date Published: 01/23/1974 Source: ENT Volume: 1974 Section: 1 Page: 13

Notes: Spouse: Alene. Children: William L., James C., Mary (Mrs. Warren Rolando), Elizabeth Lunsford & Ada Alstott. Siblings: James, Cecil, Marilyn (Mrs. Elmer Hicks) & Belle (Mrs. Robert DeLong). Interment: Woodlawn Memorial Park. DOB: 1917.

Alstott, James C.

First Name: James Middle Name: C. Last Name: Alstott Place of Death: Season's Hospice, Naperville, IL Date of Death: 07/20/2019 Date Published: 07/11/2019 Source: Plainfield Enterprise Volume: 131 Section: 1 Page: 10

Notes: Spouse: Sharon Rinehart. Parents: Ada (Deceased, Archie (deceased). Siblings: William (Shirley) Alstott, Mary Jane (Warren) Rolando, Betty (Rick) Rechter, Ada (Randy) Kujawski, David (Deceased) (Jean) Alstott, Children: Jim (Becky) Alstott. Interment Plainfield Township Cemetery. DOB 2/18/1941.

Alstott, Sharon

First Name: Sharon Last Name: Alstott Maiden Name: Rinehart Date of Death: 04/11/1994 Date Published: 04/20/1994 Source: ENT Volume: 94 Section: 1 Page: 32

Notes: Spouse: Jim Parents: Edward & Edith Children: Jim Siblings: Michelle & Edward (deceased) Interment: DOB: 07/28/42

Ambrose, Samuel

First Name: Samuel Last Name: Ambrose Date of Death: 11/20/1941 Date Published: 11/27/1941 Source: ENT Volume: 1941 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Sarah, nee Reay (deceased) DOB: 12/25/1863

Ambrus, Garbor

First Name: Garbor Last Name: Ambrus Date Published: 09/8/1960 Source: ENT Volume: 1960 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Maude. Children: Miriam Arbeiter, Helen, Marie Hall, Anne Murray, Clara Rix, Lucia Link, Steve, Ezekiel Gabor deceased. Interment: Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Lockport Twonship. DOB: 03/24/1888.

Ambrus, Helen C.

First Name: Helen Middle Name: C. Last Name: Ambrus Place of Death: Provena St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet Date of Death: 02/25/2001 Date Published: 02/28/2001 Source: ENT Volume: 2001 Section: 1 Page: 29

Notes: Parents: Gabor and Maude Ambrus (deceased). Siblings: Clara Hix, Lucia Link, Marie Hall, Ezekiel Ambrus, Mary Arbeiter (deceased), Ann Murray (deceased), Steve (deceased), Gabor Jr. (deceased). Interment: Plainfield Cemetery DOB: 05/12/1922

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