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Plainfield Enterprise Obituary Database 1893-present

Ambrus, Lois

First Name: Lois Last Name: Ambrus Place of Death: Minneapolis, MN Date of Death: 05/19/1991 Date Published: 05/29/1991 Source: ENT Volume: 1991 Section: 1 Page: 29

Notes: Spouse: Ezekiel. Children: Cheryl. Siblings: Violet Wilkie. Interment: Ft. Snelling National Cemetery. Minneapolis, MN.

Ambrus, Maude

First Name: Maude Last Name: Ambrus Maiden Name: Shaffer Date of Death: 08/11/1967 Date Published: 08/17/1967 Source: ENT Volume: 1967 Section: 1 Page: 10

Notes: Spouse: Gabor (Deceased 1960), Children: Annie (Mrs. Howard Murray), Helen, Clara (Mrs. Roland Hix), Lucia (Mrs. Lawrence Link), Marie (Mrs. Allen Hall), Esekiel. Siblings: Mrs. Jacob Kaener, Mrs. James Kodak, William Shaffer. Dob: 10/18/1890 Internment: Mount Calvary Cemetery

Amon, Charles

First Name: Charles Last Name: Amon Date of Death: 06/1/1905 Date Published: 06/8/1905 Source: ENT Volume: 1905 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Carrie (Shulk) Children: Ida, Lottie Interment: Plainfield Cemetery, Plainfield, IL DOB: 01/27/1825

Anderson, Albert G.

First Name: Albert Middle Name: G. Last Name: Anderson Date of Death: 12/6/1967 Date Published: 12/14/1967 Source: ENT Volume: 1967 Section: 1 Page: 5

Notes: Siblings: Jessie (Mrs. Price). Interment: Wheatland United Presbyterian Cemetery. DOB: 1888

Anderson, Albertina

First Name: Albertina Last Name: Anderson Date of Death: 04/14/1960 Date Published: 04/21/1960 Source: ENT Volume: 1960 Section: 1

Notes: Children: Mrs. Howard Lundberg, Mrs. H. G. Carr, Eric. Interment: Hills of Rest Cemetery.

Anderson, Brian Lee

First Name: Brian Last Name: Anderson Date of Death: 12/26/1978 Date Published: 01/3/1979 Source: ENT Volume: 1979 Section: 1 Page: 7

Notes: Parents: Stanley & Clara Anderson. Siblings: Donald, Joan (Mrs. Tom Willis). Interment: Plainfield Cemetery DOB; 5/17/1962

Anderson, Caroline

First Name: Caroline Last Name: Anderson Maiden Name: Carlin Place of Death: at home in Fort Worth, Texas Date of Death: 03/18/1975 Date Published: 03/26/1975 Source: ENT Volume: 1975 Section: 1 Page: 18

Notes: Spouse: James – deceased. Parents: Dr. Charles Carlin – deceased. Children: James, Carol Jane (Mrs. Tommy Feik), Joan (Mrs. Tom Howorth). Siblings: Dr. George Carlin – deceased. Jane (Mrs. Bruce Wallin), Charles Jr. Interment: Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas

Anderson, Clara Mae

First Name: Clara Last Name: Anderson Maiden Name: Lanham Place of Death: Lakewood Living Center Date of Death: 06/13/2006 Date Published: 06/22/2006 Source: ENT Volume: 2006 Section: 1 Page: 36

Notes: Spouse: Stanley Anderson (deceased). Children: Joan Stewart, Kathleen Kohler, Barbara Barrows, Donald Anderson, Brian Anderson (deceased). Siblings: Wilma Dale Clem. Interment: Plainfield Township Cemetery. DOB: 07/03/1927.

Anderson, Daniel (Dan)

First Name: Daniel "Dan" Last Name: Anderson Date of Death: 11/21/2005 Date Published: 12/1/2005 Source: ENT Volume: 2005 Section: 1 Page: 31

Notes: Parents: James and Janet Anderson. Children: Ely Daniel Anderson, Samuel Jacob Anderson. Siblings: Robert Anderson, William Anderson, Jennifer Anderson Interment: Plainfield Township Cemetery. DOB: 07/31/1966.

Anderson, Grace M.

First Name: Grace Middle Name: M. Last Name: Anderson Maiden Name: Hartman Place of Death: Klien Unit of Burlington Medical Center. Date of Death: 07/8/1980 Date Published: 07/16/1980 Source: ENT Volume: 1980 Section: 1 Page: 16

Notes: Spouse: Charles. Parents: Joseph & Edith Furrow Hartman. Children: Monte Peterson, Charles Anderson, Mrs. Edith Murphy, Ruth(Mrs. Herman Jensen), Betty(Mrs. Robert Brenneke) & Peg(Mrs. Letcher McCown). Interment: Aspen Grove Cemetery. DOB: 11/22/1893.

Anderson, Gunnar S.

First Name: Gunnar Middle Name: S. Last Name: Anderson Date of Death: 09/12/1989 Date Published: 09/20/1989 Source: ENT Volume: 1989 Section: 1 Page: 22

Notes: Spouse: Mary H. Anderson (deceased). CHildren: Dorothy Alagna, Karin Pridmore, Oscar Hanold, Carl Anderson. Interment: St. Mary Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL DOB: 09/15/1908

Anderson, Helen

First Name: Helen Last Name: Anderson Maiden Name: Miller Place of Death: Williams, AZ Date of Death: 09/30/1977 Date Published: 10/12/1977 Source: ENT Volume: 1977 Section: 1 Page: 11

Notes: Spouse: Leonard deceased 1961. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Milo Miller deceased. Interment: Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery. DOB: 1908.

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