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Plainfield Enterprise Obituary Database 1893-present

Adsit, Patricia A.

First Name: Patricia Middle Name: A. Last Name: Adsit Maiden Name: Ford Place of Death: St. Joseph Medical Center Date of Death: 12/29/1991 Date Published: 01/1/1992 Source: ENT Volume: 1992 Section: 1 Page: 8

Notes: Spouse: Hiram. Parents: Donald & Mary Ford deceased. Children: Cynthia (Mrs. Jon Bonnar), David, Michael E. & Shaun. DOB: 1943.

Agazzi, John V.

First Name: John Middle Name: V. Last Name: Agazzi Place of Death: Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, AZ Date of Death: 03/3/1997 Date Published: 03/19/1997 Source: ENT Volume: 1997 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Marilyn Jane (Dorrow). Parents: Mary and Fred (both deceased). CHildren: Jon, Jill Johnson. Siblings: George (deceased), Robert (deceased), Erma Chuk, Ruth Sebben, Louise Webster, Madeline Godwin, Fred, Agnes (deceased).

Agnich, Anna

First Name: Anna Last Name: Agnich Place of Death: Home Date of Death: 09/18/1959 Date Published: 09/24/1959 Source: ENT Volume: 1959 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: George (deceased) Children: Louis (deceased), George, Joseph, John, Frank and Edward Siblings: Genevieve Vicich Interment: St. John’s Catholic Church Cemetery DOB:

Agnich, George

First Name: George Last Name: Agnich Place of Death: Morris Hospital Date of Death: 05/8/1965 Date Published: 05/20/1965 Source: ENT Volume: 1965 Section: 1 Page: 10

Notes: DOB: 1912.

Albrecht, Joanne

First Name: Joanne Last Name: Albrecht Maiden Name: Dressler Place of Death: Meadowbrook Manor, Naperville, IL. Date of Death: 03/22/2004 Date Published: 03/31/2004 Source: ENT Volume: 2004 Section: 1 Page: 16

Notes: Spouse: William. Parents: Marjorie Dressler, Robert Dressler (deceased). Siblings: Marilyn Duncan. DOB: 1950

Albright, Joseph Dean

First Name: Joseph Last Name: Albright Date of Death: 11/17/1973 Date Published: 11/21/1973 Source: ENT Volume: 1973 Section: 1 Page: 16

Notes: Parents: Harold and Melva Watters Albright. Siblings: Terry, Harold, Jr., Perry, Melvin, David, Timothy – deceased 7/6/1962. Interment: Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery DOB: 03/01/1961

Alden, John L

First Name: John Last Name: Alden Place of Death: Plainfield, il Date of Death: 01/26/2010 Date Published: 02/4/2010 Source: The Enterprise Page: 20

Notes: DOB: March 18, 1925 in Aurora, IL. Parents: Lloyd Alden (deceased) and Verna Alden (deceased). Spouse: Shirley Alden. Children: Lynne Johnston, Dawn Lawrence and Brenda Hall. Sibling: Priscilla Gates (deceased). Veteran of WWII. Burial: January 30, 2010 at Plainfield Township Cemetery, Plainfield, IL.

Alden, Lenora S.

First Name: Lenora Middle Name: S. Last Name: Alden Place of Death: Riverside Nursing Home, Plano, IL Date of Death: 08/9/1955 Date Published: 08/18/1955 Source: ENT Volume: 1955 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Nathan (deceased) Children: Lloyd Interment: Elmwood Cemetery DOB: 11/17/1872

Alden, Nathan

First Name: Nathan Last Name: Alden Place of Death: Home Date of Death: 01/26/1942 Date Published: 02/5/1942 Source: ENT Volume: 1942 Section: 1

Notes: Children: Lloyd Interment: Elmwood Cemetery DOB:

Alden, Verna R.

First Name: Verna Middle Name: R. Last Name: Alden Date of Death: 06/25/1979 Date Published: 06/27/1979 Source: ENT Volume: 1979 Section: 1 Page: 12

Notes: Spouse: Lloyd-Deceased 1969, Children: Priscilla (Mrs. Robert Gates), John Siblings: Russell Hemm, Arthur-Deceased Internment: Plainfield Cemetery DOB: 03/01/1902

Alder, Glenn C.

First Name: Glenn Middle Name: C. Last Name: Alder Place of Death: at home Date of Death: 12/7/1969 Date Published: 12/11/1969 Source: ENT Volume: 1969 Section: 1 Page: 4

Notes: Spouse: Mildred. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Alder – deceased. Children: Carroll Faught. Interment: Wheaton

Alexander, James L.

First Name: James Middle Name: L. Last Name: Alexander Date of Death: 08/19/1973 Date Published: 08/22/1973 Source: ENT Volume: 1973 Section: 1 Page: 16

Notes: Spouse: Norma, nee Bell. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Healy H. Alexander deceased. Siblings: Mary (Mrs. Irving Nelson), Mrs. Margaret Eaton, Caroline (Mrs. Kenneth Emery), Ruth (Mrs. Gilbert Durrer), John, Hayes & Betty deceased. DOB: 11/1/1908.