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Shorewood Sentinel May 1962

Transcription: The Shorewood Sentinel 10 cents



May 5-11, 1962

Vol. 2 No. 19

Recently, I and a good many others spent a most enjoyable two and one-half hours.

Where? Well- at the Tons of Talent Show at the school, Saturday evening. The show was

staged by the P.T.O. as their big fundraiser of the year. If they didn’t raise any money,

they sure raised the spirits of a few hundred persons. The show, written and directed by

Vivian Cypcar, was a “take off” on three television shows, Art Linkletter, Ed Sullivan,

and the Miss America Pageant. The efforts of all who participated were, in my belief

(sic) well appreciated by the audience. In my opinion, only one part of the show lost the

attention of the people in attendance, but was hurriedly brought back with the appearance

of the most beautiful “GIRLS”??? in Troy Township. Their beauty was so overpowering,

the audience was in awe. Nowhere in all the world could anyone find more dazzling

“beauties”. If you are in doubt at this statement, ask anyone who was there or better yet,

find someone who was taking photos of them and see. Also in evidence were a few

husbands and wives taking part in the show. Troy needs more of these and other

activities, designed for the family as a group, as it has nothing of great interest (illegible)

the community as a whole. We have our Little League for the boys, Scouts for boys and

girls, but there is nothing where a family can spend an enjoyable evening out without

going out of the village. All of us know a show of this sort is a great undertaking, but

with all the groups there are in Troy Township, there must be a way.

Thought For The Week Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way.


The eighth grade will take its (sic) field Sunday School 9:45 am.

trip to Springfield on Monday. Mr. Bacon, Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.

Mr. Loughran, and Mr. Cremeens will go Campus Careers 6:30 pm.

too. Also going are the following Evening Service 7:00 pm.

mothers, Mrs. Gerber, Lee, Bakelaar, Lewis, Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor

Ray, Haynes, and Sinchak. The sixth grade Res. East Shore Dr.

will travel to Brookfield Zoo on Wednesday. Phone 725-2858

Nancy Meyer and Randy Kraker won first HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD

place in the state contest. The Boy Scouts SERVICE YOU EXPECT MORE

will serve a hot dog lunch, Wednesday. FROM STANDARD WITH

Regular prices will be charged. P.T.O. M2PG

board meeting Tuesday. The western

division track meet of the DesPlaines

Valley Conference will be at the school on

Tuesday at 4 pm. Schools who will take

part are Troy, Channahon, Laraway, Elwood

and Rockdale. Scores for the meets held this

week are: Tuesday Troy 27 points, New

Lenox 55 points and Rockdale 16 points.

Thursday: Troy 75, Elwood 50, Laraway

26. Wednesday evening the teachers and

board members will have their annual

dinner at the White Fence Farm.

Achievement tests will be handled

this week in all grades, sixth and

under. (cont’d page 3)

725-2973 ILLNESSES

May 5-11, 1962 It seems that the mumps have a

Page 2 few people down. They have struck

Cancer Drive Cont’d the Fred Hofer household, and also

Black Rd. West and East of Rt 59- the George Keers’ home.

$9. Mrs. John Phelps West River AUXILIARY MEETING –

Rd. – Mrs. Geo. Keers $7.43 TUESDAY 8 P.M.

Seil Rd. – Mrs. Wm. Blaser All members are asked to attend

$8.58 Troy A.C. Club (handwritten)

Bankson’s Trailer Ct. – Mrs. Fred Euchre – Monday 8 pm.

Bowen, Jr. $19.44 Games – Thursday 8 pm. 725-9863

Parkview – Mrs. Monusos Lionikis At the South Edge of Shorewood

$43.81 On Rt. 59

All totaled, Troy Township has a sum Treasure Island Drugs (handwritten)

Of $335.35 Francis C. Moss R. Ph.

VILLAGE BOARD MEETING Medicine is our Business

TUESDAY 8 P.M. U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 Rt. 3 Joliet


The Troy Boy Scouts have joined other Next to the Fire Station On Rt. 59

Troops from the area for a scouting Got any kind of car trouble? See

Camporee. They will be gone until Ginger at – TROY GARAGE

Sunday, and will live out of doors. Service Sun Equipment

We wish them good weather. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Kelley’s (handwritten) 725-2038



Crombie’s Dairy Mart




16 oz. – 6 pack ROYAL CROWN COLA


The $5 Dairy Product Award was won

By Mr. Kenneth Shields Plainfield, Ill.

725-2973 School News cont’d

May 5-11, 1962 The Brownie Troop will hold

Page 3 a Mother-Daughter Tea at the school

LITTLE LEAGUE on Wednesday at 3:30 pm.

At the meeting, held on May 2 at The P.T.O. talent show was rated

the school, the By-Laws were read as a howling success. School Board

for the final time and voted on. meeting Monday.

The laws were passed unanimously. BIRTHDAYS

It was also declared that any boy who Debbie Gaebler, April 28 (10)

was on the team last year, and lives BIRTHS

outside the Troy district would still Mr. and Mrs. Leo Corp are the

be able to play. Two fathers volunteered parents of another son, born April

for the jobs as managers of the farm 30. He weighs 9 lbs. and 2 oz. and

teams. They are Sam Paul and James A. is named David Michael Corp.

Prange. Practice nights were set for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennington

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are parents of a son, born April 23,

at 6:30 and Saturdays at 1:30 pm. It was named Thomas Francis Jr. He

decided to hold a raffle to raise additional weighed in at 6 lbs. and 14 oz.

money for the teams. It was stressed that Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allbert, the

about 10 more boys are needed for the former Karen Hofer, are parents of

farm teams. Any boy between the ages of a son, born April 30. He weighed

8-12 are eligible. If interested call Mr. in at 8 lbs. And 11 oz. and will

Talkie at HO-25262 or Mr. Ewing be named Randy.

at 725-4615. Mr. Talkie and Mr. CANCER DRIVE

Barry will replace Don and Jeanne Wynn. A big thanks to al the people who

Mrs. Scarcelli has been named to take gave of their time to help with the

charge of the concession stand. Cancer Crusade. Mrs. Fred Hofer,

She will have the help of other mothers. Chairman lists the following.

The teams will be picked by May 28 Leland Hills – Mrs. Ray Huber

and uniforms will be given out then. $26.30 Mrs. Donald Larson

The fee of $5 is charged per family and McClintock Acres – Mrs. Wayne

any number of boys from that family may $10.22 Pinkley

play at that fee. Mrs. Doris Looper and Shorewood Park – Mrs. Kenneth Ric

children are spending the weekend at her $4.77

parents home in Beardstown. Also a Oaklane – Mrs. Fred Hofer

passenger who wishes to remain nameless. $4.00

FIRE DEPARTMENT Shorewood (east) – Mrs. Dave

There was one fire this week. Grease (illegible) $12.19 Mrs. Henry Bauer

caught fire on the stove in Robert Shorewood (west) – Mrs. Robert

Prodehl home. Fire was out on Schwartz, Mrs. Nello Isabelli, Mrs.

arrival of the firemen. Kerry Sheridan, Mrs. Edward Terlep,

AUXILIARY Mrs. Fred Hofer $34.25

The ladies of the fire auxiliary will Brook Forest-Mrs. Eugene Diamond

hold their monthly meeting on $20.55

Monday at 8 pm. Hostess for the Dants Court & School Area – Mrs.

month are Donna Sheridan, Delores George Muentnich, Mrs. Dale

Keers and Eileen Paul. Election of Wagner $14.78

officers will be held also. Refresh- Timberline – Mrs. Alfred Menzer

ments and a social hour will follow. $15.75

All women are invited. Games continue Murphy Acres – Mrs. Dale (illegible)

on Fridays – 8 pm. Mrs. Jos. Viscum $40.00

Rooney Heights – Mrs. Matthew

Remutta, Mrs. Robert Stuehm,

Mrs. Wm. Govednik $46.59

Traloar Court and Rt 52 east of 59

Mrs. Robert Prodehl, Mrs. James

Looper $17.75 (Cont’d)


April 28 – May 4, 1962 The regular meeting was held on

Page 4 Wednesday evening at the Troy

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH A.C. Club. A Trail Ride will be held

Regular services will be held through tomorrow, weather permitting, and

the coming week. Also the clubs. For further information call Mrs.

Tuesday the Sunday School Teachers Mraie (Marie?) Gaines at 725-


and Workers will be feted at a May 14 and 8 pm. there will be a

Banquet in their honor. Guest film shown at the school that will be

speaker for this occasion will be of interest to all people, or ages. It

Rev. Floyd Ankerberg, former is entitled (sic) “Rescue Breathing”.

Director of the Greater Chicago The public is invited and there is no

Sunday School Association. Time admission charge. Also shown at

6 pm. at the church. The Teen Club this time will be a film “The Quarter

will met at 7 pm. tonight because Horse in Action”. The next meeting

some members will attend the talent will be held at the Troy A.C. Club

show at the school. on May 23. This is one week early,

YOUNG MOTHER’S CLUB because the regular date is


The club met in the home of Ginny Day.

Dixon Wednesday with Jayne Clair TROY BASEBALL LITTLE

as hostess. Games were played and LEAGUE

prizes were won by Mary Ann Rub Practice started today and will be

and LeAnne McKanna. Those present held every week. New equipment

were Jackie Muentnich, Jo Wagner, has been purchased and training is

and Jackie Foley. Delores Keers was in full swing. From all reports there

unable to attend. Dessert-coffee was will be two farm teams this


served. It was suggested that a picnic There is a great need for more

be had, and plans will be made for fathers to get in the action and help.

same. Hostess for May will be Jo Where are all you fathers??

Wagner. Kelley’s (handwritten)

For Sale (handwritten) CITIES SERVICE BIG GALLON

RED MAPLE —–BUNK BED SET Troy A.C. Club (handwritten)









The Shorewood Sentinel 10 cents



May 12-18,1962

Vol. 2 No. 20

Mother’s Day (handwritten)

Did you ever take the time to look up the word in different languages? In Russian, it is

“mati”, German it is “mutter”, French, “mere”, Greek it is “meter” and in Latin it is

“mater”. Other countries, they have other ways and words to express their mother. Some

speak of the Mother Country or Mother Land as the place they were born. Mother’s Day

is a day proclaimed, the second Sunday in May, as the day for honoring our Mothers.

Julie Ward Howe is often said to be the originator of Mother’s Day. She held an annual

Mother’s Day meeting in Boston in 1872, and for several years hence. Others who took

up the banner on behalf of Mother’s Day were Mary Towles Sassen in 1887, Frank E.

Hering in 1904 and in 1907, Anna Jarvis began a lifetime of effort and it was she who

selected the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. In 1915 the President authorized to

proclaim Mother’s Day a Yearly (sic) National Observance. Have you paid tribute to

your mother lately? My Mother’s Day gifts from my two sons were very simple and from

the heart, and I believe these are the kind that are really the best. The first one, a fly

swatter adorned with felt, buttons, and yarn in such a way as to make the face of a girl.

The second, was a potted plant, a pink petunia wrapped in green aluminum foil and

accompanied by a card of yellow construction paper. On this card was a red flower, (I

still haven’t decided what variety), and the following verse. Dear Mother..I send this in a

special way to thank you for the work and play and try to please you in every way. Your

son. It may not be the best poem in the world, but he sent it and some of himself went

into it. What more can a mother ask?





The auxiliary held its (sic) monthly FUTURE

meeting last Monday evening, and Tonight the Hi-Teen Club will be

an election of officers was held. Taking a world cruise by the way

Those officers for the coming year of games and refreshments of

are, President – Ann Terlep other countries, and a guest

Vice-president – Jo Wagner speaker from one. The speaker

Secretary – Jackie Muentnich will be Miss Juanita Klove of

Treasurer – Pat Barnes Africa and the games of such

Social Secretary – Joan Bauer countries as Japan, Africa, England,

Trustee – Dorothy Fatland China, and Switzerland. Food will

The annual June Banquet will be be typical of Hawaii, Scotland,

held on June 4 at 6:30 pm. at and Spain. The committee name to

D’Amico on Troy Road. The take charge is Elaine Huber, Rebecca

committee chosen for the banquet Morgan, Terry Richardson, and

is: Jackie Muentnich, Jo Wagner, Paul Roe, Jr. Sunday School will

Pat Barnes, and Joan Bauer. Members begin at 9:45 when each Mother

are welcome to bring a guest. For attending will be given an orchid

reservations call any of the following from Hawaii. 10:45 Morning

numbers (cont’d page 2) Worship. (cont’d Page 4)

725-2973 AUXILIARY cont’d

May 12-18, 1962 Reservation numbers….

Page 2 Muentnich 725-2719

VILLAGE NEWS Barnes 725-2724

At the meeting held on Tuesday, Bauer 725-2316

the following bills were presented, Wagner 725-2705

and accepted for payment. $65 to as soon as possible.

Denzil Smothers for the light and FIRE DEPARTMENT

siren for the police car. $8 to Games continue on Fridays at 8 pm.

the fire department for reimbursement BIRTHDAYS

for the fee paid, that trustee Jim Keers Fred Hofer, May 8.

to attend the resuscitator operators BIRTHS

school, held at the Caterpillar Plant Mr. and Mrs. Howard Corum,

the past two weeks. $42.95 to the Lincoln Rooney Hts. Are the parents of a

Stone Co., for crushed stone used to daughter on May 7. Linda Marie

make Riffle St. usable. Approval was is her name and she weighed 7 lbs.

given for the installation of an extra and 4 oz.

phone in the fire station. A check for VISITORS

$86.11 was received as the village share Mrs. Frances Puhl is a guest at the

of sales tax. A letter was read that was Leo Corp. Home.

received from the state motor fuel tax Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Moriarty of San

office. Not thoroughly understanding Diego, California are the house

the lengthy literature involved, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles

clerk was suggested to write to Mr. Condon and family. The Charles

Wm. M. Dutelle, Engineer of Local Condons also announce the arrival

Roads and Streets to send a representative of a granddaughter in the family at

to explain the matter fully. Contractors long last. She has been named

have been called as to the open ditch Julie Ann, and is the daughter


on Picnic Street, but no action is the Keith Condons.

forthcoming. Cont’d Page 3 Buddy Colvin is home for the

Troy A.C. Club (handwritten) weekend. Hi!! Bud.


At The South Edge Of Shorewood SERVICE Phone 725-9834

On Rt. 59. Euchre..Monday at 8 pm. You expect more from


Games…Thursday at 8 pm. and you get it! with M2PG

Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten)

Banquet T.V. Dinners…..45 cents

Bread……………….3/48 cents

Orange Sherbet…69 cents..1/2 gal.


Summer Store Hours 8 am – 9 pm.

Every Day


May 12-18, 1962 P.T.O. meeting in the school gym

Page 3 Tuesday at 8 pm. This is the last

Village News Cont’d meeting of the current school year.

It was also decided that all gas and The newly elected officers will be

oil for the police car be purchased installed, and the eighth grade

equally from both stations in the students will report on their recent

village. The police car is in evidence trip to Springfield. The first grade

at the school crossing now-a-days. Mothers will be the hostesses for

NOTICE the evening. A table of lost and

The complaints of open sewers and the found articles will be on display

drainage of polluted water into the for claim. School Board meeting

streets and the yards of residents of will be held on Monday. Pre-school

the village were discussed and a registration will be held on Wed-

committee was set up, headed by nesday from 9 am. to 1 pm. All

Trustee Fred Hofer, to contact prospective (sic) students are to

these offenders and acquaint them register at this time also. For all

with the village ordinance on sanitation. parents of new first grade pupils,

This ordinance states that a fine of $200 the school nurse will be on hand

a day may be levied against the offenders from 10:30 to 11 am. Eighth grade

after the initial warning is given by the picnic will be held on Thursday.

committee. The annual athletic banquet will be

The police car is now in operation and a held on May 22, and will be by

check and follow-up on persons not invitation only.

having village tags on their car. A fine, SPORTS

plus the price of the tag will be levied. Conference Track Meet at Lincoln

TROY RIDING CLUB Way High School on Monday

A movie on Rescue Breathing will be (cont’d P. 4)

shown along with a film on “The GEORGE HENDRICKSON…

Quarter Horse in Action”, at the Troy OWNER SERVICE EQUIPMENT

School on Monday at 8 pm. The EXPERT TUNE-UP SERVICE

public is invited to attend these 725-2038

films, as they believe that it will Troy Garage (handwritten)

be of interest to all, regardless of Next To The Fire Station On Rt. 52.

age. Next regular meeting at the MEDICINE IS OUR BUSINESS

Troy A.C. Club on May 23. Treasure Island Drugs H0-2-2711

Kelley’s (handwritten) Francis C. Moss R Ph.

CITIES SERVICE U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 Rt. 3 Joliet, Ill.

Have You Tried Our SUPER 5-D Yet?

Phone 725-9707

725-2973 SCHOOL SPORT NEWS Cont’d

May 12-18, 1962 The western division qualification

Page 4 meet held at the school Tuesday

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH cont’d brought scores as this, Troy 81 ½

The Message entitled “The Christian Laraway 47, Elwood 43, Channahon

Home” will be delivered by the pastor 25, and Rockdale 8 points.

Rev. Fernlund. The evening service will The boys from Troy who are to take

feature a film strip the title of which is part, qualified in the following

“For Fun Or For Christ?” This film will events Lightweights: J.Ogg 50 & 100

be of special interest to the high school M. Roath 50

age groups, but all ages are invited. Bowen 220 – Hurdles & Broad Jump

Thursday the weekly prayer meeting Wilkey Hurdles and Broad Jump

will be held at 7:30 preceded by Kraker Shot Put

choir rehearsal at 7 pm. There will Spurgeon High Jump

be no clubs on Friday, due to the Gaines High Jump

Mother-Daughter Banquet at 6:30. 440 Relay: J. Ogg, Gaines G.

The theme for this affair is “Memories Smith Bowen Shuttle Relay

From a Mother’s Album.” A Swiss Richardson, Gaines, Kays & G.

steak dinner will be served and (illegible)

donations of $1.25 are being asked. Heavyweights

Reservations must be made by Wed- R. Roath 50 & 100

nesday May 16, by phoning SA5-2834, Ray 220 Hurdles

SA-5-2724 or HO-25176. Sealy 440

Wanted! (handwritten) Bradford Shot Put


MUST BE STEADY AND YEAR Roath, Scaly, Ray and Abel

ROUND CALL THIS PAPER Shuttle Relay: Bradford, Geist, J.

725-2973 Abel & Sealy

The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten)


May 19-25, 1962

Vol. 2 No. 21

(all text in following paragraph is handwritten)

Notes On Our Youth!

I have no Editorial this week, but if you want something to ponder—read what the youth

of Troy Township has done the past week. Scouts have received honors, 4-H girls have

learned more about homemaking and the Track Team has broken records. This all takes

time, work and patience. I think we do not give our youth (text in parentheses is illegible)

enough credit or moral support. What other township can boast of such youth?




Final plans have been made for Today – Saturday, the Hi-Teens

the all game Horse Show to be will meet at 7:30 at the church.

held next Sunday at the Troy A.C. Karen Nicholson’s team will present

grounds. (sic) Sponsors for the the devotions “A Career at Church”,

various classes include, Fatland’s which will include various church-

Service Station, Ward Electric Co., related vocations available to teen-

Lyman’s Café (sic), Bankson’s agers today. Sunday services are

Trailer Court, Al and Bob’s Tavern, listed also Sunday School at 9:45

Chief’s Barber Shop, The Veterinary with children’s church and morning

Clinic of Joliet, Troy Garage, Hob worship at 10:45 when the message,

Nob Tavern, Troy Athletic Club, brought (sic) by Pastor Fernlund

Anderson’s Service Station, Will will be, “Great Is The Lord”.

County Democratic Central Committee, Services at the Sunnyhill Rest

and R.G. Heisner Appaloosa Stud Home at 3:30 pm. Campus

Service. Concerning classes and career meeting, with devotion

rules call 725-2971. led by Loretta Pittman at 6:30

pm. Cont’d Page 2


May 19-25, 1962 The evening gospel service at 7:30 when the

Page 2 topic will be “What Is The Millennium?”

TROY SCHOOL NEWS (sic) Christian Youth Singspiration at 8:45

At the P.T.O. meeting held last pm. Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor. Phone

Tuesday in the school gym the 725-2973.

following officers were installed FIRE DEPARTMENT

for the coming year. Oleta Menzer, There (sic) were no fires to report this week.

president, Mary Lou Prosise, vice- The games continue on Fridays (sic) at

president, Evelyn Phelps, secretary, 8 pm. at the fire station.

and Marge Dibble as treasurer. AUXILIARY

The budget committee reported that Reservations are still being taken by the

$400 was spent for additional equip- following women.

ment in the kitchen, such as silverware, J. Muentnich 725-2719

dishes, roasters, glasses, etc. $10 was P. Barnes 725-2724

given to each teacher to buy whatever J. Bauer 725-2316

they desire for the room. Two sets of J. Wagner 725-2705

the World Book Encyclopedia were Cont’d PAGE 3

purchased for the library along with Next To The Fire Barn On Rt. 52

other books. Also purchased was Troy Garage (handwritten)

$100 of educational films. The 725-2038 Service Sun Equipment

talent show showed receipts of 725-2038

$674.91. the eighth grade gift to Let Us Do Your Dirty Work! (handwritten)

the school as a parting gesture was a SEPTIC TANKS * CESSPOOLS

badly-needed projection table on rollers CISTERNS CLEANED

and a storage section for films. Seventh ANDERSON SEPTIC TANK SERVICE

and eighth grade students gave a report Cisterns cleaned, repaired and guaranteed

on their trip to Springfield. Those 25 Years Experience (handwritten)

participating were Judy Hofer, Tom BUD ANDERSON HO-2-5944

Dugan, Tom Sealy, and Kay Kinzler. Rte. 6 or SA-7-3485

The first four grades will hold their Joliet, Ill.

picnic on June 7, at Hammal Woods.

Graduation is set for June 3 at 2:30 pm.

with Dr. French as guest speaker.

Mr. Cremeens is won the room award.

A membership total of 554 was listed.

They hope to top this next year. As

this winds up the year of P.T.O. work,

and two years as president for Leona

Meyers, everyone would like to say

thanks for the time and effort (you)

have given also your fellow board

members, and a big hello to the

incoming board. The Athletic

Banquet will be held on Tuesday,

and is by invitation ONLY.

Sports News cont’d on Page 4



STANDARD phone 725-9834

M2PG ******M2PG


May 19-25, 1962 Village Board – 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Page 3 at 8 pm. Troy Vol. Firemen 1st

Fire Department Auxiliary Tuesday Auxiliary – 1st Monday

Prospective members may attend Troy A.C. Auxiliary

As guests. Get your reservations 1st Tuesday – Bake sale coming up

In NOW… WHERE ARE YOUR also style show soon.

CALLS?????? WE ARE WAITING School Board – 2nd Monday

FOR YOU!!! Little League

Banquet June 4, 6:30 – D’Amico’s No regular set dates. They will be

Phone 725-9863 sponsoring a money raffle. Get your

Fish Fry Friday Troy A.C. Club tickets soon. Baseball season opens

(handwritten) on June 4.

Euchre – Monday—8 pm. Kelley’s Cities Service (handwritten)

Games – Thursday – 8 pm. Cities Service

The Pool Will Open Evenings Soon. At the Green And White Sign

South Edge Of Shorewood on Rt. 59. Crombie’s Dairy Mart


Will Do Ironing In My Home 725-2564


725-2875 ` 69 CENTS —- ½ GALLON

Jeanne Wynn BREAD ——-3 FOR 48 CENTS

If the need arises – let us fill BANQUET T.V. DINNERS…45

This bottle (handwritten) CENTS



HO-2-2711 9 P.M. DAILY

Francis C. Moss R. Ph.

U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 (illegible)


May 19-25, 1962 The May meeting will be held on

Page 4 Wednesday in the home of Jo

Troy School Sport News Cont’d Wagner.

At the DesPlaines Valley Conference TROY BOY SCOUT


Meet last week LIGHTWEIGHTS At the Court of Honor held last

Troy 30; New Lenox 21; Manhatten 19; Monday evening at the school for

Mokena 17; Elwood 12; Laraway 11; following boys were

rewarded for

Channahon 10; Frankfort 8; and their work in scouting. Those

Rockdale 0 HEAVYWEIGHTS receiving Tenderfoot Badges

New Lenox 35, Troy 34, Laraway 24, Dave Dunard, Gary Goodwin,

Elwood 14, Channahon 12, Mokena 8, Jimmy Looper, Randy Sheets, and

Rockdale 8, Manhatten 5, and Chuckie Ewing. Scouts given

Frankfort 0. Troy named Champion Second Class Honors George Dugan,

on total points scored. The records that Kenny Menzer, Bob Turner, and

were broken are: Lightweights— Bob Moore. Contest was (sic) held

Ogg-Troy – 50 yard dash – 6.6 to acquaint the parents present with

Bowen – Troy Hurdle (80 yd. Low) 12.1 some of the work of scouting, and

Troy – Shuttle Relay – 28.9 nearly every boy represented by

Troy – 440 Relay –60.06 his parent’s (sic) presence. Mr.

Johnson – Manhatten – High Jump 4’4” Hank Stassen troop chairman,

LaFontaine – Laraway – Broad Jump inspected the troop. Mrs.


14’7” Tomanek – New Lenox – Shot Put was in charge of the refreshments.

31’ 10 ½” Heavyweights— The troop is in need of more boys

Ray – Troy – 220 Yard Dash 25.15 and all may register and join at the

Bowser – New Lenox – 440 Yard Dash meetings held at the school every

62.5 Troy – 440 Yard Relay 53.6 Monday evening at 7 pm.

Bowser – New Lenox – High Jump 5’2” Mr. Al Menzer Scoutmaster

Bowser – “ “ – Shot Put 49’7 ½” Mr. Frank Huefelt, Assistant.

The double winners included:

Ogg – Troy 50 and 100 Lightweights

Roath – Troy 50 and 100 Heavies

Ray – Troy – won High Hurdles and

220 The only triple winner was Bowser

of New Lenox. They were in the

events of which he broke records.


The meeting was held on

Saturday at the Troy School, and

presided over by Nancy Meyer.

Demonstrations were given by Gean

Dennis, on “Snick-a-Doodles”, Diane

Johnson and Linda Lamberson on the

topic of “Brownies”. Susan Fitzer gave

a lesson on “Knitting” while Lynn Ann

Bell gave one on “Sewing” and

Sheila Johnson on “Safety.”





The Shorewood Sentinel 10 cents



May 26-June 2, 1962

Vol. 2 No. 22 Submitted By


With the holidays coming on us this week, here is a thought to think about.


He was the envy of the race track gentry, as the Roebling Record describes him. He was

only 30, but he knew more about the horses than any man twice his age. Folks said there

was not better handicapper in the business; his mind was a veritable encyclopedia of facts

about every important horse, blood lines, performances in previous races, etc. Just as

important, he knew the record and the capabilities of the jockeys. In short, he knew just

when to place his bets – when the odds were right and he stood the best chance to win

the most money at the least risk. After a particularly successful day a the track, the men

who knew the odds, got into his car to drive back to town. Traffic was moving along on

the two-lane road at a respectable 50-mil-a-clip. But that was too slow for him. So he

gunned her to 60 and began passing. He saw the car approaching from the opposite

direction, too late. They gave him a nice funeral. One of his track pals figured the odds

he took when he pulled out of at 60 this way: “30 years old – maybe 40 years to go.

That’s 40 X 365 days a year with 366 for leap year makes 14,610 days, times 24 hours a

day makes 350,640 hours, times 60 minutes each hour, makes 21,038,400 minutes. He

tried to save five minutes. The odds? 21,038,400 to 5 – Whatta Dope.”





AUXILIARY Tommy Stafford May 26 (8)

WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR David Beguin May 26 (12)


725-2719 725-2724

725-2316 725-2705


May 26-June 2, 1962 The May meeting was held in the

Page 2 home of Jo Wagner on Wednesday

SCHOOL NEWS last. Plans were made for a picnic to

First off I would like to correct be held on July 7. Joann Smothers

myself. THE SCHOOL PICNIC will become a member. A game was

FOR THE LOWER FOUR GRADES played and prizes were won by

WILL BE JUNE 4. Jackie Muentnich, Mary Ann Rub,

The graduation of the eighth grade will and Delores Keers. Also present

be held on Sunday, June 3 at 2:30 pm. were Ginny Dixon, Jayne Clair,

Dr. William French will be the guest LeAnne McKanna, and Jackie Foley.

Speaker. He is superintendent of J.T.H.S. Dessert-coffee was served by the

The list of graduates include; Richard hostess. The June meeting will be

Lee Vanderhoff, Marilyn L. Stambaugh, held in the home of Mary Ann Rub.

Mary Catherine Sinchak, Nancy Lee BIRTHDAYS (sic)

Sanders, Barbara C. Roland, Sheryl J. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth “Bud” Ray

Robbins, Jackie Ray, Robert C. Moore, entertained a group of relatives and

William A. Morgan, Linda Lamberson, friends Sunday in honor of their

Kaye Marie Kinzler, Ronald R. Hostert, daughter Robyn, who celebrated

Diana Haynes, Linda Kay Glass, her first birthday. Among the guests

William G. Gaines, Vanessa J. Foley, present were her grandparents, Mr.

Donnie Ellingsworth, David W. Edman, and Mrs. Francis Ray, and Mr. and

Thomas J. Dugan, George Dugan, Jack Mrs. Elvin Shearer. Jack and Cheryl

Bradford, Cecelia Ann Weber, Thomas Ray Elvin Cont’d page 3

Sealy, Jennifer Fran Rogers, Eric R. SEPTIC TANKS– –CESSPOOLS

Roath, Judy Ritter, James R. Prosise, CISTERNS CLEANED

James Keith Monday, Sandra Gail BUD ANDERSON SEPTIC TANK

Menzer, Cynthia Ann Lewis, Dorothy SERVICE 25 YEARS

J. Leslie, Gifford Wilson Lee, Jr., EXPERIENCE. CISTERNS

Linda Jane Kweiser, Diane S. CLEANED, REPAIRED AND

Johnson, Sharon Elaine Hutton, GUARANTEED

Sherry Lynn Huber, Judith Kay Bud Anderson HO- 2-5944

Hofer, Dale David Graham, Monti Rte 6 Joliet SA – 7-3485

Allen Gerber, Robert Miller Geist, III, Next To The Fire Station on Rt 52.

Frederick John Gaebler,III, Bruce W. EXPERT TUNE-UP


Fronek, Claudia Elaine Early, Troy Garage 725-2038

William R. Cypcar, III, Sherry Geo. Hendrickson – Owner

Brookman, Tommy Wilber

Booker, Beth Ann Bakelaar,

And John Abel. Ushers for the

graduation will be Ted Richardson,

Laura Carroll, Bob Travers, Charlene

Dennis, Tom Bowen and Sally



Troy Riding Club will hold their

All-Game Horse Show tomorrow at

The Troy A.C. grounds, starting at

1 pm. Winners of the first place awards

will receive a trophy, ribbon, and a

cash award. Ribbons and cash will

be awarded to the second and

third place winners while the

fourth and fifth places will receive

ribbons. A special pony event will

be held with each contestant receiving

an award. The classes will include three

events for contestants under 16, and six

open events. The rain date will be

June 3. Admission is 50 cents.

725-2973 Birthday Party cont’d

May 26-June 2, 1962 Shearer, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz,

Page 3 and children, Steveie and Jyme, and

VILLAGE NEWS Bill Morgan. The honored guest

The following matters were taken received many lovely gifts. Unable

care of at the meeting held last to attend were Mr. and Mrs. Larry

Tuesday evening at the fire station. Keeley, and children, and Mr. and

Jim Keers reported that a veterinarian Mrs. Frank Goodman, and children.

(sic) was called, and the cost of $5 SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF


would be charged to inoculate and The next meeting of the Missionary

tag the dogs of the village. A date Society will be held in the home of

will set later. Mrs. Russell Mauk, Bluff Road, on

Dave Girard is to check on the cost June 5. The society will hold a linen

of mosquito spraying for village. and bake sale at the Hillcrest

He will report at the next meeting. Shopping Center on June22 and 23.

Mr. Niznik will draw up a more Anyone desiring more information

complete traffic ordinance for may call Mrs. Lloyd Sing at

the village. A motion was made 725-9372. Rev. Arthur Miller,

to check the speedometer on the Pastor Services held at Troy School.

police car and have it calibrated Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten)

to ensure (sic) accuracy during MILK …1/2 gal. 3/$1.00

the process of speed control. Kerry EGGS … Small 4/$1.00

Sheridan asked that a permit be All 1 lb. BREAD……..16 cents

issued to Al Weber to move a New Store Hours

home onto Picnic Street. The 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. every day

house measures 25×29 feet. Phone 725-2564

Two representatives were present Say You Saw It In The Sentinel!

from the Oak Wood Manor EXPERT PRESCRIPTION

subdivision to state that 30 homes SERVICE TREASURE ISLAND

are expected Cont’d Page 4 DRUGS Francis C. Moss R.Ph.


SERVICE STANDARD U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 R.R. 3 Joliet, Ill.

Phone 725-9834









Troy A.C. Club (handwritten)


South Edge Of Shorewood On Rt 59.

725-2973 Tonight-Saturday—The Hi-Teens

May 26-June 2, 1962 will meet at the church for devotions

Page 4 led by the Eddie Brookman Team.

Village News Cont’d The program “Enjoy Your Summer”

to be built this year. will emphasize the importance of

Mr. Frank Bennington took out summer church-centered activities.

a permit to install a new septic Sunday – The regular services will

system on Summer Street. prevail with the exception of the

TROY SPORTSMEN AND evening service when the GMG Girls

AUXILIARY will receive awards for their work in

An outing for the members and GMG. Also at this meeting the

families will be held tonight, following graduates will be honored:

Saturday at the club grounds Jennifer Rogers, Sharon Hutton,

at 6:30. Coffee and donuts (sic) Dolly Weber, Claudia Early, Judy

will be featured as refreshments. Hofer, Cheryl Robbins, Marie

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Hernandez, Carolyn Teague, Dennis

Well over one hundred mothers and Ellingsworth, Jack Ray, Tommy

daughters attended the recent (sic) Booker, Gregory Griparis, Bill

banquet at the church. The delicious Morgan, David Edman, and

Swiss steak dinner was prepared by Warren Chandler. A film will be

Ida Meyer, Mary Jayne Beguin and shown and refreshments served

Marge Huber, while the men of the following the service. Campus

church did the serving. Attractive Careers will meet at 6:30 pm.

Orchid and mint green decorations with Miss Delores Pittman leading

were made by Mrs. Ray Platt, Mrs. the devotions. Tuesday morning at

Jay Fernlund and Mrs. Paul Hurley. 9:30 the women work on various

Publicity for the occasion (sic) was bandages for mission hospitals in

done by Mrs. Russell Fortenberry Ethiopia and India. A special time

and Miss Loretta Pitman; lovely of prayer also will be held for the

corsages were made by Mrs. coming Billy Graham Crusade.

Leonard Meyer for everyone (sic) Memorial Day the college age youth

who had a part in the program, will go to Michigan City, Ind. for an

“Memories From A Mother’s outing. Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor

Album”. All program arrangements Phone 725-2858.

were taken care of by Mrs. Stanley Kelley’s Cities Service (handwritten)

Stafford and Mrs. Andrew Griparis. CITIES SERVICE

Mrs. Kenneth Rice and Miss Delores 725-9707

Pittman were responsible for reservations;

Mrs. Gilbert Anderson, Sr. was in charge

of usherettes and the gifts were purchased

by Mrs. Joseph Jimenez and Miss Delores

Van Dyke. The winners of the prizes

were, for Oldest Mother, Mrs. Florence

Dickeson, Youngest Mother, Mrs.

Richard Anderson and the Mother with

the most children, Mrs. Walter Cooling.

Mrs. Albert Stroh, pastor’s wife of the

Paul Street Bible Church was the guest

speaker and her three daughters rendered

two numbers fitting the occasion.

(cont’d up top of next column)

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