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Shorewood Sentinel July 1962

Transcription: The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten)


July 7-13, 1962

Vol. 3 No. 2

Streets – Drivers & Children! (handwritten)

Soon, it appears, we will have good streets. But does this mean that Turtle Street and West

Shore Drive, and others will again become the “race track” they were before the holes and ruts

were made and developed? I have heard it said, from 4 or 5 families, with small children, mine

included, that they are in danger every time that the fire siren goes off, not to mention other cars

who use the streets. Sure, you say, the firemen have to rush when the fire alarm is sounded, but

do some have to slid (sic) their wheels and fling gravel, and take off in a wreckless manner?

After all, the property of monatary (sic) value can, in some measure, be replaced. Children are

human beings, and even if you have a dozen, they are irreplacable (sic). We, the citizens of

Shorewood, hope that as soon as the streets are fixed, or even before, that some kind of strict

speed laws are made and enforced. We are a village and some of our children are not able, or old

enough to take care of themselves, if they were, what need would they have of us parents? Did

you ever approach a group of children, playing by the side of the street, and in nearly every case,

one or two of the (sic) will run to the other side, just as you near them. Even on some streets

there are paths through the woods that everyone seems to use, and when cars are approaching at

some of the speeds they do, these children cannot be seen, sometimes until it is too late. To my

knowledge, no child has been killed, as yet, darting from these paths, but some have been badly

hurt, mine included. After all we have a police force, and they should be able to do more than

enforce stop sign violators and noisy mufflers. So, if you love children, and most people do,



July 7-13,1962 As a result of our Editorial last week,

Page 2 work was found for two boys. Do

FIRE DEPARTMENT you have a boy or girl who wants to

Winners of the drawing at the work? Call us. Do you have work to

Homecoming last Sunday, were: 1st, be done, and no one to do it? Call

Leonna Ricchio, Blue Island, 2nd, R. us. We will try to find someone to

Brownbeck, Lockport, and 3rd, T. do it, or bust. SHOREWOOD

Haitz, Joliet. Winner of the quilt was SENTINEL 725-2973

Shepley Motors, the hair drier (sic) RABIES SHOTS GIVEN

went to Denzil Smothers, while the A total of twenty-nine persons

lawn chair went to Dave Ashboy. thought enough of their dogs to

LADIES AUXILIARY get the rabies shot this morning at

The monthly meeting was held on the fire station. Of this number

Monday evening at the fire station. Twenty-five were from the village.

President Ann Terlep announced that We know there are more dogs than

Memberships and dues for the year, that in the village. WHAT

Should be paid before September 10. HAPPENED????

Another membership drive will be made SEPTIC TANKS CISTERNS

this year and Pat Barnes has been named CESSPOOLS CLEANED

as chairman. Her co-workers will be Anderson’s Septic Tank Service

named at a later date. The door prize, (handwritten)

which was donated by June Smothers 25 Years Experience

was won by Pat Barnes. Snitch bingo Bud Anderson Ho 2-5944

was enjoyed and prizes were won by; Rt. 3 –US 6 Sa 7-3485

Jo Wagner, Alfreda Pribisch, Betts Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten)

Barry, Ruth Diamond, Dorothy Eggs (handwritten) 3 DOZ. Small

Fatland, Irene Mulligan, June Smothers, $1. T.V. Dinners (handwritten) —

Bernice Baltz, and Helen Ray. Dessert- 49 cents Ice Cream (handwritten)

Coffee was served by cont’d LEMON TWIST ½ GALLON 69

At The Green and White Sign cents 725-4564

Cities Service OPEN 8 am. to 9 pm. DAILY

Kelley’s Cities Service

(the following phone number was

written vertically near this ad)



TROY GARAGE (handwritten)






July 7-13, 1962 the July hostesses who are; Ann

Page 3 Terlep, Pat Barnes, and Edith Ray.

NEWS IN SHORT Hostesses for the August 6 meeting

Mrs. Clyde Maxwell of Joliet has will be Leah Clark, Jo Wagner, and

been a visitor at the home of her Jackie Muentnich. The Friday night

aunt Zenia Puhl. Next week Mrs. games continue to be held at the fire

Puhl will entertain her grandson at station, but in addition to euchre and

her home for a few days. Miss pinocle those who do not care for

Minnie Kuhn of Timberline, and card games, may now enjoy playing

formerly of Shorewood will have bunco.

the cast removed from her arm, BIRTHDAYS

soon. This editor suffered a George Muentnich July 10 (6)

severe gall bladder attack this past TROY RIDING CLUB

week. Mr. and Mrs. George The Troy Riding Club will hold an

Hendrickson are taking an extended overnight ride on July 14-15. The

vacation to the Staits (sic) and upper group will leave the Keigher farm

Michigan. Also on the itinary (sic) is at 9 a.m. July 14. Camp will be

Minnesota. Cindy Ott of Plainfield is made at Rittof’s Grove in

a house guest of her aunt Lois Puhl. Channahon. Reservations are to

VILLAGE MEETING TUESDAY made (sic) with Mrs. George

8 P.M. Sinchak or Mrs. William Brookman

Troy A.C. Auxiliary meeting Tuesday by Wednesday, July 11. Plans are

evening. Mrs. Theresa Link, mother also being made for a swimming

of Mrs. Cecilia Drawden, died Friday. Party, to be held at the Troy A.C.

Funeral services from the Fred C. Dames pool on Wednesday July 18 from

Funeral Home, Monday at 8.30 a.m. with 5 to 8 p.m. The next meeting will

burial in St. John’s Cemetery. Be held Tuesday, July 31, at 7 p.m.

Visiting this week in the home of Ray in Hammell Woods.

and Maxine Colvin, are his sister and GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH

husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Trinkler, Sunday School 9.45 a.m.

and Mrs. Emma Colvin, his mother, all Sunday Morning Worship 10.45 a.m.

of St. Louis, Mo., who are here due to Junior church 10.45 a.m. (lower

the serious illness of Mr. Jess Colvin. auditorium)

Mr. J. Colvin is in Silver Cross Hospital, Campus careers 6.30 p.m.

recovering from a stroke. Hi-Teens Saturday Saturday (sic)

HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD Troy A.C. Club (handwritten)


(illustration of an Olympic torch with the GAMES THURSDAY 8 P.M.

following handwritten text): Standard SWIMMING SWIMMING


725-9834 NOW OPEN JOIN NOW!!!


So. Edge of Shorewood on Rt. 59

The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten)


July 14-20, 1962

Vol. 3 No. 3 (illegible)

In response to last week’s Editorial, we heard from both sides of the fence. One of the ideas that

seemed to come out more in the conversation than any other was, “Why aren’t the park facilities

on West Shore Drive put to use?” The answer, “Where will the money come from to equip such

a playground?” Another resident came up with a good and plausible solution. She says, “There

are plenty of people around who have unwanted scrap metal lying around. Why not get the

village board’s permission and have drive (to start) for scrap metal, to be piled in the vacant lot

near the fire station. Then with the help of some of the fathers and the village truck, load it up

and sell it to a junk yard and the money derived from it, start a “playground fund”. Other such

drives could be done, such as a bakery, rummage, or what-have-you. There could be raffles,

dances, bingo and bunco games, also. It would be a lot of work, but our community would have

a playground. Another one said, “Sure that’s fine for West Shorewood”. OKAY, include a foot

bridge over the river at the end of Summer Street. Then all of Shorewood would be united in a

common cause, “Shorewood’s Child Safety Program”. The park property has been here since the

founding of Shorewood Beach, and there has never been as much as a swing erected on the lots.

The upkeep of the grounds could be met by the opening of a refreshment stand. This would

defray the expense of paint, maintenance, and repair of the property, and also keep the small ones

from wandering towards the highways for ice cream, candy, gum or pop. Of course, a park to be

safe at all, on that curve, a fence should be the prime concern, if only at first a snow fence were

erected with money forthcoming, to put up a high chain link fence that would be permanent.




July 14 –20,1962 The traffic ordinance was passed at

Page 2 the meeting Tuesday and has been

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH posted at three business places at the

Sunday School 9.45 a.m. corner. Get over and read them.

Morning Worship 10.45 a.m. Then you will know what they are.

Junior Church 10.45, in lower Mr. Niznik, the village lawyer is

Auditorium. working on a weed ordinance, to be

Campus Careers 6.30 pm. Sunday presented at the next meeting on July

Evening Worship 7.30 p.m. 24. Owners of the abanded (sic)

Hi-Teens Club Saturday buildings in the village will be

Rev. Jay Fernlund Pastor contacted and asked to repair them

East Shore Drive or tear them down.

Phone 725-2858 TROY HOME BUREAU

BIRTHS At the meeting held in the home of

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carneghi Mrs. Harriet Feeney, the officer for

West Shorewood Drive the year was elected, who are: Mrs.

Girl—Mary Frances Thomas Goltz, president; Mrs.

Weight—6 # 2 oz. Robert Chapman, 1st vice-president;

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dawkins, Louisville, Mrs. Robert Williamson, secretary;

Ill. Are the parents of a daughter born and Mrs. Albert Yackley, Treasurer.

June 20. She was named Janna Rae, Demonstrations were given by the

and weighed 6 # 2 oz. Troy Jolly Girls 4-H including, Judy

GEORGE HENDRICKSON.. …OWNER Baltz, Patti Lewis, and Nancy

Troy Garage (handwritten) Meyer. Members will be notified of

EXPERT TUNE-UP SERVICE the September meeting as there will

ON VACATION…SEE YOU SOON be no meeting in August.

725-2038 (handwritten) VISITORS

THE SHOREWOOD SENTINEL Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maynard of

founded August 2, 1961 South Chicago, are the house guests

Editor..A. Blaser of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Terlep.

725-2973 all phones. HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD

Special prizes on our first year SERVICE YOU EXPECT MORE

celebration. Be sure to get your FROM Standard (handwritten on

copy. top of illustration of an Olympic

torch) AND YOU GET IT!!!

725-9834 (handwritten)

725-2973 DEATHS

July 24-20, 1962 The mother of Raymond Graham

Page 3 (illegible) died last Saturday in Ottawa.

FIRE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Catherine Chamberlain, aunt of

The fire calls for the week included Mrs. Helen Ray, died this past week.

a call to Patterson’s Restaurant, one- The first anniversary of the

half mils (sic) south of the Rossi Motel SHOREWOOD SENTINEL will be

on the 66 service road. A call was made August 2, 1962. and to the persons

to John McKanna residence in who receive the specially numbered

Shorewood Park. An over-heated oven paper a free gift. Details later.

cause a scare.(sic) No damage was (the following ad text is handwritten)

reported. The games continue at the Anderson’s Septic Tank Service

fire station on Friday evenings at 8 pm. SEPTIC TANKS CISTERNS

Added to the “menu” is bunco, for those CESSPOOLS CLEANED

who do not like card games. 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE

JOBS FOR YOUTH “Let Us Do Your Dirty Work..

Added to the names this week are Today” BUD ANDERSON

Susan and Sally Terlep, who are HO-2-5944

looking for Babysitting. They RT. 3 US 6 SA-7-3485

are fourteen years old. 725-9863

TROY RIDING CLUB (following ad text is written

A swimming party will be held on on a slant) Troy A.C. Club

Wednesday at the A.C. pool from MEMBERSHIPS NOW OPEN!!

5-8 p.m. Next meeting, July 31 at EUCHRE .. MONDAY 8 P.M.

Hammel Woods at 7 p.m. GAMES..THURSDAY 8 P.M.

Kelley’s (handwritten) CITIES


(illustration of a pyramid inside a

cloud with the following text):

Cities Service

725-9797 (hand printed)

Crombie’s Dairy Mart

Specials! (some text typed and

some text handwritten in ad)

Bread 1 # loaf—3/48 cents

Eggs small 3 doz. $1.00

Kool-Aid all flavors 6/25 cents

Open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.


The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten)


July 21-27, 1962

Vol. 3 No. 4


This week another “playground” of the village children was “taken” away from them. As most

residents on the west side of the village no doubt saw yesterday, a home was moved to Picnic

Street on the lots that many children used for a baseball (or football) field. Where do they play

now? In the streets? The lots designated as park area has been “off limits” for ball playing for

some time now. Whenever a good game gets underway, someone breaks it up, due to the

possibility of a broken window in the area. If these lots were fenced off to protect the homes

about it and also to protect the children from the speeding motorists, they would be able to make

use of the park area, as intended. The big obstacle in this campaign is co-operation of all the

villagers. We need co-operation to get our park area, and the footbridge in operating order. Call

or write to one or more of the village trustees or even the mayor, or even go to see them, they

don’t bit, yet! Write or call us at 725-2973 and express your views in this paper. Our address is

215 Turtle Street.


Next week marks our first anniversary Wednesday, July 18, brought to a

(August 2) of our first edition of the close, the 1962 season for the

SHOREWOOD SENTINEL. There Cardinals, our local baseball team.

will be a certain number of special This year our team placed third in

papers put out on that edition. No one, the Plainfield League, by winning

not even the boys who deliver the paper, their last game 11 to 6 over the

will know which papers are different. Braves. Honors were won by John

A prize will be given for any special ones Geist, 1st baseman, Gary Goodwin,

turned in. More and full details will be pitcher and Dave Beguin, shortstop,

given next week, so be sure to get your by being selected to play on the “All

copy of the SHOREWOOD SENTINEL. Star Team”. The All Stars game was

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS played Wednesday, July 18, with the

A call was answered to the alarm at the All Stars winning 7 to 2 over the

Joliet Airport, Wednesday morning at Wheatland Club. Boys who played

12.15, when leaking gas from LP gas tank their last game in our league because

exploded. The Troy fire men turned off of the age limit are: Dave Beguin,

the gas and put out a small fire in the Charles Ewing, John Geist, Gary

airport kitchen. Considerable damage was Goodwin, Reg Off, Joe Scarcelli,

done, no estimate was received. Jack Stoops and Dennis Winchester.

Returning for next year’s play are;

Joe Haley, Don Kabot, Mike Roath,

Ken Roman, Dave Talkie, Joe Ward

and Keith Bacon. Managers of the

Cardinals are Charles Ewing and

Claude Beguin. (cont’d page 3)


The list of activities for the girls for Sunday School 9.45 am.

the week include; July 24—judging Morning worship 10.45 am.

of garments at the farm bureau building. Jr. Church 10.45 am. in

Girls are to be there at 2 pm. and be lower auditorium.

wearing the proper accessories. Campus Careers 6.30 pm.

July 25- regular meeting at the Troy followed by

School – 7.30 pm. Plans will be made evening worship at 7.30 pm.

for achievement night to be held on Saturday – Hi-Teens Club, devotions

August 8. and fun.


Sunday School 9.30 a.m. Our report this wee as to the teen-

Morning Worship 10.30 a.m. agers at work are: Tom Hess, Bill

Evening service 7 p.m. Gaines, Jack Bradford, Dale Graham

Wednesday Evening Bible study and and Bill Blaser working on a farm

Prayer meeting 7 p.m. Arthur Miller, in New Lenox Township, putting up

Pastor. Hay. Tom Hess also is splitting logs

The Bennington’s are putting in new for fireplace wood. Billy Blaser

cement work. A house has been moved helped Sam Paul to paint his house.

to Picnic Street. Foundation for a house Chriss Blaser was hired by radio

to be moved to 225 Turtle Street is being station WJOL, and is also working

made ready. construction elsewhere.

HAVE YOU JOINED YET? Now Is Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten)

The Time To Do It. 725-2564 Specials (handwritten)

Enjoy Our (Your) Pool FROZEN Pot Pies ….. 3/61 cents

Troy A.C. Club (handwritten diagonally) WONDER Bread Only SAT & SUN

EUCHRE MONDAY 8 P.M. 14 cents

OTHER GAMES THURSDAYS 8 P.M. Refresh with..Kool-Aid..6/25 cents

725-9863 STORE HOURS 8 am. – 9 pm.

Kelley Cities Service (handwritten) 725-2973 725-2973

Cities Service (written inside triangle The Shorewood Sentinel

Illustration) 725-9707 For and about people! (handwritten)


July 21-27, 1962 The farm teams, made up of the

Page 3 Astronauts and the Bombers will

will continue their season for another

week. The Satronuts (sic) met their

YOUNG MOTHER’S CLUB PICNIC brother team the Bombers under the

The Young Mother’s Club held their summer lights Friday with the Bombers win-

Picnic at the Troy A. C. grounds recently and ning 13 to 7. Results from the raffle

it was reported that a good time was enjoyed held earlier in the season was


by all especially when Fred Rub held a Sing- successful. Donations of the 1st and

a-Long at which time he played his guitar. 3rd prize winners were accepted from

The families who attended were J. McKannas, Dr. Geist and Mr. (sic). Many

Dixons, F. Rubs, Muetnichs, G. Keers, thanks to these gentlemen. Proceeds

Wagners, D. Clairs, R. Smothers, and N. will be used to buy much needed

Schwartz as guests. equipment for our local teams. The

BIRTHDAYS trip to Comisky Park which was

Deborah Lynn Barnes, July 25. (1) planned for July 14 was cancelled

Earl Meyers, July 25 because of inclement weather. Plans

Kathleen Rice, July 25 (5) are now being made to take the trip

Sherry Kobe, July 25. (7) a little later in the season. Team

Jayne Clair, July 19. picture (sic) have been taken and the

Kathleen Kunhart, July 28. (7) team members will be notified as

BIRTHS soon as they are ready.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clair, girl Kimberly VILLAGE MEETING TUESDAY

Ann, 7# 8 oz. Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie LeMaster, 8 P.M.

boy, July 13, David Paul. 7# 2 oz. HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD

Mayor and Mrs. Schwartz, and family attended SERVICE you expect more from

A class reunion at Quincy, last weekend. Mrs. Standard (handwritten inside an

Schwartz is a twenty-year alumna of the Quincy illustration of a sign with an Olympic

High School. Visiting at the Schwartz home is torch on it.) and you got it!!!!!

an aunt and uncle, of Hamington, New Jersey. CISTERNS SEPTIC TANKS

Mr. Jess Colvin, Sr. has been removed to the CESSPOOLS CLEANED

Ray Colvin home from Silver Cross Hospital CALL Anderson Septic Tank

where he was treated following a stroke. Service 25 years experience

George Hendrickson….Owner “LET US DO YOUR DIRTY

Having Car Trouble??? Go To THE WORK” BUD ANDERSON

Troy Garage (handwritten) TODAY…. RT 3 U.S. 6 PHONES

725-2038 Ho – 2-5944 or Sa-7-3485


The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten)


July 28-August 3, 1962

Vol. 3 No. 5

This week marks the first anniversary of the SHOREWOOD SENTINEL, and we would like to

thank all the people who have purchased the paper over this period. We have had fun doing and

it has also given the boys some of their spending money, the reason the paper (sic) in the first

place. Also on the thank you list and without them we would not have a paper, the Grace

Baptist Church. We have also three of our original advertisers with us. (Sic) the fellow who was

the first to say yes, Hank Fatland and second was Crombie’s Dairy Mart and the last original, the

Cities Service Station. It was Joe Padden then, but it is now Mr. Kelley who keeps up the

station. We want to thank these businesses for their faith in us too. We have had some who

came and wcnt for some reason or another and some who needed only one insertion for their ad,

we thank them too. Now for our anniversary special. In today’s paper (sixteen of them) we have

put in a coupon good for a free pint of ice cream at Crombie’s Dairy Mart. All you have to do is

take the coupon, found on page two, to them and receive your free ice cream. This is our way of

thanking or (sic) readers for their loyality (sic). We hope to continue for another year. Things are

slow for the summer months and there is not much news, but we shall keep trying to do our best.

If you happen to have one of our first copies, take it out and compare it to today’s. It seems

unlikely that looking at that one that anyone would be willing to buy it. But even with the first

edition we did sell nearly 60 papers. Only once did we sell over the 100 mark. That was the

week of November 12-18. Of course, we need you to call in your news. Without you, we are

nothing. Thank you again, one and all and keep your news coming. We have also been fortunate

to receive some extra typing jobs from our readers, which help us too. Thanks to these folks too.

Look for your coupon and Good Luck!!!


July 28 – August 3, 1962 Wednesday evening the Young

Page 2 Mother’s Club held their July meeting

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH in the home of Jackie Foley. Plans were

Sunday School 9.45 a.m. made to take the members children to

Morning Worship 10.45 a.m. Phillips Park for a picnic on August 2.

Jr. Church in lower auditorium, at After the business session, Bunco was

10.45 a.m. played and prizes were won by Jackie

Campus Careers at 6.30 p.m. Muentnich, Mary Ann Rub, Jayne Clair,

Evening Worship at 7.30 p.m. Joann Smothers, Gina Dixon, and Jo

This evening the Hi-Teens will enjoy Wagner. Several members received a

A splash party with devotions around a gift from their secret pal. Dessert-coffee

campfire. Weekly prayers meeting is was served by the hostess. Unable to

held on Thursday at 7.30 p.m. attend were Leanne McKenna and

Rev. Jay Fernlund, Pastor Delores Keers. The August meeting will

Res. East Shore Dr. be held in the home of Jackie Muentnich.

Telephone 725-2858 BIRTHDAYS

Rev. Fernlund and Stanley Stafford Jan Clair July 31. (3)

have been attending camp the past week. David Shaw July 19 (7)

Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten) Mickey Shaw July 27 (8)

Sentinel Anniversary SPECIALS Pamela Lechner August 4.

Sat. and Sun. Only Rainbo BREAD Paul Graham July 28 (8)

Reg. 22 cents now 14 cents 725-9834 725-9834

Rock and Roll Pizza Reg. 98 cents You Expect More From

Now 85 cents Standard (handwritten in a sign illustration

Pie Apples 2 Cans 55 cents with an Olympic torch in the middle)

16 oz R.C. Cola 6 pak 49 cents And You Get It!!!!

Popsicles Box of 2 Dozen 90 cents HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD

Frozen Pot Pies 3/61 cents SERVICE


Bring in Your Coupon To Us. Get GET INTO THE SWIM OF THINGS..

Your Free Pint of Ice Cream. NOW!! MONDAY AT 8 P.M. EUCHRE


South Edge of Shorewood On Rt. 59

Telephone 725-9863

Troy A.C. Club (handwritten)


July 28-August 3, 1962 Another Pre-school registration will

Page 3 be held in August. The date is

NEWS IN SHORT tentatively set for Wednesday

The Rolland Condon’s have moved into August 15 at the school. Anyone

Their new home in Crystal Lawn. Bill who has not yet registered for the

Turner suffered a sprained ankle in a fall fall school year is asked to do so at

from a hayrack at work last week. He’s that time. Or if you know of anyone

fine now. Seen returning from an eight who is new to the district, tell them

day fishing trip in northern Wisconsin of this date.

last Monday was Bob Wraith, Ray Smith, VILLAGE NEWS

John Terlep and Charlie Condon. Charlie At the meeting held Tuesday at the

had a touch of stomach flu when he got fire station, (sic) weed ordinance was

home. The Fred Hofer family spent the passed, making everyone responsible

weekend at the home of his mother near for the weeds on their own property.

St. Louis. Kurt Condon swallowed a pin A fine will be levied for lots not

attached to a button recently. All seems clear of weeds over 15 inches high.

normal now. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Slakes Any others will have a lien placed

and daughter Wendy were the house guests on their property through the tax

of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw last week. office, for weeds cut by the village.

They are from Brockport, N.Y. Mr. Work will get underway on all the

Slakes is employed by Eastman Kodak streets in Shorewood in about a

Co., and a former army buddy of Mr. month. The estimate of

$8100 was

Shaw. It is the first time they have given for the work. Permits were

seen each other since July 1944, after issued for several new homes in

which Mr. Slakes spent about nine Shorewood, two for the houses

months as a prisoner of war. The Slakes brought (sic) in this past week. A

celebrated their anniversary on July 15. permit was also issued for the

TROY 4-H JOLLY GIRLS building of the Shorewood Church

At the meeting held at the Troy School of God to be erected in Sunset Hills,

last Wednesday evening, the girls who near the school. Two safety belts to

gave demonstrations were Kara Schiek on be installed in the village police car

“How to Use a Cookie Press” and Leona was also permitted. The situation of

Von Borg on “Coffee Cake”. August 1 and vehicle tags has nearly been settled.

2 is the date for the county 4-H fair and all TROY RIDING CLUB

the girls who are taking party are asked to The regular meeting of the Troy

be on time. August 7 has been chosen as Riding Club will be held on

the date for Achievement night. All projects Tuesday evening at 7 pm. in

of the year will be displayed. Starting time Hammel Woods.

is 7.30 and the public is invited. Each girl SEPTIC TANKS CISTERNS

is asked to bring 3 dozen cookies and other CESSPOOLS CLEANED

refreshments will be furnished. “LET US DO YOUR DIRTY

WORK. TODAY Anderson’s

Septic Tank Service 25 years

experience Bud Anderson Rt. 3

Joliet Tel SA-7-3485 or HO-2-5944

725-2973 OTHER NEWS

July 28-August 3, 1962 The Boy Scouts are at camp.

Page 4 A Thank You To the Grace Baptist

GEORGE HENDRICKSON…OWNER Church for the use of their machine.

SERVICE SUN EQUIPMENT Richard Anderson, Dale Wagner,

725-2038 Dean Clair and Denzil Smothers

Troy Garage Next to the Fire Barn are named new policemen.

NEWS FROM OUR FIRST EDITION Kelley’s Cities Service (handwritten)

The Colvin’s returned to Shorewood. 725-9707 725-9707

Private telephone lines were being put Cities Service N.E. CORNER

into Shorewood. Mr. and Mrs. Paul RT. 52 AND RT. 59

Barnes were the parents of a daughter 725-2973 725-2973

born July 23, and named Deborah Lynn. The Shorewood Sentinel

Mrs. Vince Creed returned from a (handwritten) “FOR AND ABOUT

vacation in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. THE PEOPLE”

Erwin Penka left our village. Kathleen 725-2973 725-2973

Kunhart had her sixth birthday, July



NO. 1

The Best Place to Find A Smiling Face Is

In The Mirror.




World news today is filled with reports of

tension and unrest among nations. Each

day brings fresh tidings of fighting and

warfare somewhere on our globe. Some

feel that a third World War is inevitable.

In times like these, America needs to be

strong…..not only in weapons and material

things, but spiritually and morally. We

need to repent our sins and turn back to

God through Jesus Christ. Otherwise we

may someday be ruled by the forces of

Godless COMMUNISM. (Blessed is the

nation whose GOD is the LORD.)

Psalms 33.12

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