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Plainfield Enterprise Obituary Database 1893-present

Ziegler, Mary Ellen

First Name: Mary Last Name: Ziegler Maiden Name: Rodgers Place of Death: Alden Rehabilitation Center, Naperville, IL Date of Death: 07/28/2005 Date Published: 08/4/2005 Source: ENT Volume: 2005 Section: 1 Page: 31

Notes: Spouse: Albert (deceased). Parents: Stephen Wilbert (deceased) and Catherine Ellen (nee Hailstone) Rodgers (deceased). Children: Joseph Paul Boucher, Patricia Ann Kagay, Caroly Joyce Kelly, Mary Catherine Marso (deceased), Evelyn Mavis Walburn (deceased). Siblings: Helen Tatro, Eliza Weir (deceased), Jane Mudroch (deceased), Agnes Christian (deceased), Catherine (deceased), Stephen (deceased), William (deceased), Richard (deceased). Interment: Ogallala Cemetery, Ogallala, NE. DOB: 03/05/1921.

Ziegler, Nellie

First Name: Nellie Last Name: Ziegler Maiden Name: Filmer Place of Death: DeKalb County Nursing Home. Date of Death: 05/27/1965 Date Published: 06/10/1965 Source: ENT Volume: 1965 Section: 1 Page: 9

Notes: Spouse: Albert deceased. Parents: Henry & Mary Filmer deceased. Children: Charles, Rollin, Ralph & Mrs. A. Ashby. Interment: East Pierce Cemetery. DOB: 06/18/1873.

Ziegler, Ralph E.

First Name: Ralph Middle Name: E. Last Name: Ziegler Place of Death: Lakewood Living Center, Plainfield, IL Date of Death: 12/25/1988 Date Published: 01/4/1989 Source: ENT Volume: 1989 Section: 1 Page: 16

Notes: Spouse: Clara. Siblings: Joyce Sillar. Interment: East Pierce Cemetery, Maple Park, IL DOB: 04/02/1908

Ziga, Samatha Jo

First Name: Samatha Last Name: Ziga Date of Death: 08/12/1986 Date Published: 09/24/1986 Source: ENT Volume: 1986 Section: 1 Page: 21

Notes: Parents: Kenneth & Teri Ziga. Siblings: Sarah, David, Thomas & Jonathon. Interment: Plainfield Cemetery. DOB: 06/03/1986.

Ziittel, Bertha

First Name: Bertha Last Name: Ziittel Maiden Name: Loeffel Place of Death: Bethesda Care Center, St. Paul, MN Date of Death: 08/27/1997 Date Published: 09/3/1997 Source: ENT Volume: 1997 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: John (Deceased) Children: Alice Siblings: Fred, Albert, Alex, Ernest, Marie, Emma, Rose, Frieda – all deceased and Anne Interment: Sunset Memorial Park, St. Paul, MN DOB:

Ziller, Faustino (Frank)

First Name: Faustino "Frank" Last Name: Ziller Place of Death: St. Joseph Hospital Date of Death: 04/14/1975 Date Published: 04/16/1975 Source: ENT Volume: 1975 Section: 1 Page: 4

Notes: Spouse: Maime (nee Houlihan), 1st wife Clara deceased. Children: Eugene, stepsons: Peter, John Nagra. Interment: Mt. Olivet Cemetery DOB: 1899

Zimecki, Arthur A.

First Name: Arthur Middle Name: A. Last Name: Zimecki Place of Death: Rosewood Care Center Date of Death: 11/28/1992 Date Published: 12/2/1992 Source: ENT Volume: 1992 Section: 1 Page: 28

Notes: Spouse: Florence, Children: Susan (Jerry) Centner, Butch, Kathleen (Terry) Campbell, Arthur, Jr., Chuck, Carol (John) Mares Interment: Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside DOB: 01/17/1921

Zimmer, Olivia

First Name: Olivia Last Name: Zimmer Place of Death: St. Joseph Hospital, Joliet, IL. Date of Death: 07/3/1980 Date Published: 07/9/1980 Source: ENT Volume: 1980 Section: 1 Page: 14

Notes: Spouse: William. Children: William Jr. & G. Robert. Siblings: Sofie(Mrs.Ray Marso). DOB: 10/28/1918.

Zimmerman, Harold H. (Zick)

First Name: Harold "Zick" Middle Name: H. Last Name: Zimmerman Place of Death: Rosewood Care Center, Joliet Date of Death: 02/17/2005 Date Published: 02/24/2005 Source: ENT Volume: 2005 Section: 1 Page: 27

Notes: Spouse: Shirley P. (nee Yuneman) Zimmerman. Parents: Merton (deceased) and Helena Zimmerman (deceased). Children: Errol Zimmerman, Paula Taylor, Hal Zimmerman, Hugh Zimmerman. Interment: Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Elwood, IL. DOB: 1/14/1921.

Zimmerman, Hazel M.

First Name: Hazel Middle Name: M. Last Name: Zimmerman Date of Death: 01/27/2011 Date Published: 02/3/2011 Source: The Enterprise Volume: 123 Section: 1 Page: 22

Notes: Birth: Aug. 3, 1914, Joliet, IL. Husband: William Zimmerman (deceased). Children: Janet (James) Anderson, Charles (Kathy) Zimmerman. Buriel: Jan. 29, 2011, Plainfield Township Cemetery, IL.

Zimmerman, Helena

First Name: Helena Last Name: Zimmerman Place of Death: Four Seasons Nursing Home, Joliet, IL Date of Death: 10/24/1975 Date Published: 10/29/1975 Source: ENT Volume: 1975 Section: 1 Page: 19

Notes: Spouse: Merton deceased. Children: Harold. Siblings: Mabel Sebby, Roy & Andrew. Interment: Plainfield Cemetery. DOB: 1883.

Zimmerman, Lulu

First Name: Lulu Last Name: Zimmerman Place of Death: Home Date of Death: 03/12/1961 Date Published: 03/16/1961 Source: ENT Volume: 1961 Section: 1

Notes: Spouse: Jess (deceased). Children: William Siblings: Walter Boner, Oscar Boner, Theodore Boner, Mary Lautwein, Emma Eveleth, Laura Eador and Carrie Spaulding. Interment: Plainfield Cemetery, Plainfield, IL DOB: 01/03/1889

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